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ICOx designs and creates corporate currencies in partnership with established companies

ICOx Innovations is a publicly traded company that harnesses blockchain economies and corporate currencies to lower transaction costs, broaden market adoption, and increase customer loyalty.

We believe that every brand will need its own corporate currency.

In partnership with established brands with large online communities, ICOx develops blockchain solutions with user-friendly, regulated, and branded corporate currencies to solve real-world problems.

Both supply-side and demand-side economics drive our blockchain economies to create long-term value for brands by focusing on transaction-driven use cases, not speculation.

Cameron Chell

Chairman and Co-Founder ICOx Innovations

ICOx is positioned for the long term as an enterprise platform for building blockchain economies. Our value is not based on the price of Bitcoin but on our customers reducing transaction costs and increasing customer adoption and engagement.


ICOx partners with established brands to solve real-world problems for large online communities. We create joint ventures with our partners to launch and develop blockchain economies.

In partnership with Eastman Kodak, ICOx is a cofounder of KODAKOne, a blockchain platform for image rights management.

KODAKOne uses their own branded KODAKCoin corporate currency to power a blockchain-based licensing platform and marketplace for photographers that tracks usage, gives creators more control over licensing, and enforces copyright.
KODAKOne UpdateCameron Chell speaking on KODAKOne

ICOx Innovations helped launch Bitrail, a blockchain payment platform that provides frictionless use of regulated corporate currencies, benefiting both consumers and the eCommerce brands they love. BitRail will provide low-cost and transparent transaction services for corporate currencies seeking to be fully compliant in the US with FINRA, Fin CEN, and state and federal securities regulations. BitRail is completing a ACH integration, money transmitter licensing, and AML/KYC compliant transactions platform for Q1 2019.
Blockchain Payment InfrastructureCameron Chell provides an update on BitRail

Leadership Views

The board and management of ICOx Innovations are focused on the highest standards of governance, regulatory compliance, and innovations.

Our Process

Creating Economies: The ICOx Process

From brainstorming to live operations, ICOx follows a proven process of execution.
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Brand Partnerships


Service Delivery Execution


Regulatory Compliance


Operational Excellence


Our Story

Watch our team share their valuable insights on corporate currencies and share the latest developments from ICOx Innovations.

Latest ICOx

Kodak’s CEO on ICOx

Jeff Clarke discusses the KODAKOne project, $1M in revenues for photographers, and working with ICOx.

Corporate ICOx

Who is ICOx?

ICOx designs and builds corporate currencies for established brands.


KODAKOne: Copyright Infringement Story

Canadian film photographer, Francis A. Willey shares his experience with copyright infringement and discusses how KODAKOne’s Image Rights Management Platform protects photographers work.


BitRail Announcement

ICOx Chairman Cameron Chell announces the launch of a bank-integrated blockchain payment rail at the StartEngine Summit in LA.

ICOx Event Presentations

Start Engine Summit Keynote Address

Cameron Chell and the Hon Edmund C. Moy co- presenting on the adoption of corporate currencies at the Start Engine Summit in LA.

Corporate Currencies

Corporate Currencies vs. Rewards Programs

How is a branded blockchain economy different from a loyalty rewards program?


Introduction to vmail

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FreedomCoin Announcement

FreedomCoin Announcement

FreedomCoin will be utilized by Gunbroker.com to provide simple trusted transactions to their 4 Million plus users.

Press Releases

The latest news and announcements from ICOx Innovations

ICOx Innovations Announces Uplisting to OTCQB Market

Trading Continues Under Ticker “ICOX” LOS ANGELES, CA, Feb. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICOx Innovations Inc., (OTCQB: ICOX) (TSXV: ICOX) (the “Company” or “ICOx Innovations”), which designs and creates branded blockchain economies for established companies to...

Investor Relations

ICOx is dual listed in the TSX Venture Exchange and in the OTC markets in the United States.


The story of our ambitious work