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We believe that in today’s exceedingly competitive world, every brand needs to have its own corporate currency.

We also believe that when introducing a new technology the one success factor by which all others are measured is adoption.

Our Strategy

What Makes a Successful Corporate Currency?

The team at ICOx Innovations partners with established brands to develop corporate currencies.

The successful development of a corporate currency is very complex and requires a team of talented people collaborating to bring together technical, financial, and economic components.

  • What is the real-world problem we are solving?
  • How will a corporate corporate currency be functional and practical for our partner and their customers?
  • What is the best technology to implement for this particular corporate currency?

We have worked in regulated markets for a combined 200 years, and we value the importance of investor relations.



Financial Information

ICOx Innovations is committed to full transparency and want our shareholders to have easy access to all available information.

Corporate Filing

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